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MHSS honors 2nd quarter academic awardees

Monday, November 28, 2011

More students of Malayan High School of Science (MHSS) have joined this second quarter’s roster of academic awardees, who were recognized during the second card-giving day on November 5 at the school’s campus.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Efren B. Mateo, the school principal, noted an increase in the number of students who performed well in their academics compared to the previous quarter. Dr. Mateo attributed this to the students’ drive to attain excellence, one of the core values espoused by the school.

He also announced the outstanding accomplishments of the following students: Angelica Torres, sixth place in copy reading and headline writing in journalism competition organized by the Philippine Normal University; Emilio Maestro and Lorenzo Zamora, fourth place in Robotics competition in Metro Manila; and Rodolfo Alejandro, Jr, captain of the Philippines team that placed fourth in the Asian basketball tournament in Vietnam.

Maestro and Zamora are competing in the National Robotics Competition in January 2012.

After the awarding of certificates to the academic honorees, a parenting seminar on road safety, “Awareness of Road Safety for Commuters,” was held. The seminar, which was in line with MHSS Safe School Program, the platform for the school’s anti-bullying program, was organized by the MHSS Parent Council.

The seminar’s resource speaker, Manila assistant prosecutor Atty. Nelson Pagaduan, dished out simple but often overlooked advice while commuting. He advised the parents and students, for instance, against wearing expensive jewelry or openly carrying expensive gadgets in public places.

“Every commuter is responsible for his or her own safety which necessitates that he should be always vigilant while on board a public vehicle or while on the streets,” he said.

MHSS Parent Council president Dr. Belen Dofitas, meanwhile, informed the parents about the group’s different activities lined up this year and early next year. The parents’ group will hold personality development seminar for 3rd and 4th year MHSS students on December 9, 2011, while the 2012 MHSS Family Day will take place in January 2012.

Below is the full list of honor students for the second quarter:

Top 5 students

First year

  • Snehita Polishetty
  • Horace Baria
  • Jared Gabriel Tayco
  • Aemariez Legazpi
  • Jerry Agnes

Second year
  • Marian Jessica Quing
  • Kyle Nathan Fazonela & Gabrielle Marie Simeon
  • Romeo Manuel Silva
  • Ma. Angelica Torres
  • Nina Isabel Duque

Third year
  • Carl Adrian Roma
  • Irene Rose Racelis
  • Karen Joy Dy
  • Francesca Ysabella Magno
  • Jenni Anne Wee

Fourth year
  • Jose Mayo Viray
  • Hymn Nuntasomsaran
  • Jade Ania Agnes
  • Jeremiah Banzon
  • Ma. Regina Fidelis Eala

With Distinctions

First year
  • Carl Anthony Belmonte
  • Amelito Miguel Andaya
  • Joachim Christian Diva

Second year
  • Carlitos Gines Buendia
  • Eun Ji Lee
  • Maria Beatrice Mantilla
  • Renzt Racela
  • John Cedric Custodio

Third year
  • Melissa Julianne Quing
  • Eun Jin Kim
  • Stephen Elijah Pasol
  • Woon Hak Lee
  • Cara Isabela Ignacio
  • Nicole Marie Liboon
  • Alberto Ignacio
  • Jan David Nicdao
  • Kyla Dawn Mina
  • Hyeok Jun-Jun Seo
  • Ariana Caludine Bacquial
  • Sehee-Sara Seo

Fourth year
  • Claudine Rojas
  • Marquitta Jane Fabella
  • Czarinna Anne Gonzales
  • Dominic Rainier Chuaunsu
  • Aian Krystal Sulpico
  • Ryan Ray Capule
  • Lia Lez Bijoux Celiz
  • Kathyrna Marie Lopez
  • Caryl Mel Ambrosio
  • Gian Paolo Nicdao