Student Awards

Students are given recognition for their meritorious achievement in a given school year. During Recognition Day, awards are given in the following categories: academic excellence, model student, leadership, and special awards. Selection of the school year awardees is based on performance for the current year only.

Academic Excellence Awards

The award is given to students who showed exemplary performance in a subject based on the grades obtained. These awards are:

  • Best in Science
  • Best in Mathematics
  • Best in Technology
  • Best in English
  • Best in Filipino
  • Best in Social Studies
  • Best in Research

Special Awards

Special awards may be given to students for exemplary performance in the different specialized fields. These are:

  • Athlete of the year
  • Artist of the year
  • Campus Writer of the year

Model Student Awards

The Model Student of the Year is awarded to a student who has shown exemplary academic performance as well as outstanding behavior and character as defined in the school’s core values of discipline, excellence, commitment, integrity, and responsibility. The awardee must also exhibit notable leadership skills and involvement in school activities.

Leadership Awards

The Leadership Award is given to a student who has shown exemplary leadership in the school’s extra- and co-curricular activities held inside or outside the school.

Note: Students who have committed major offenses are disqualified from receiving honors and awards for the current year and the 4th year.

Quarterly Awards

To motivate students to continuously aspire for excellence, each homeroom is encouraged to make a ranking of its section students’ weighted grade average (WGA). The top ten ranking in each section shall be posted in the respective homerooms. Moreover, each of the top five students per batch and those who obtain a WGA of at least 90 shall be given Certificates of Recognition, which will be awarded during card giving.