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Malayan Wins Gold in International Dance Competition

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kertesz “Kurt” Leon C. Navasero (right), a third year student from Malayan High School of Science (MHSS), danced with Anna Klausen from Germany and won the gold at the Johor International Dance Championship 2011 in the Standard Junior Under-16 and Standard Novice categories. (Photo courtesy of

One Malayan shone brightly out of 300 international competitors from 13 countries at the Johor International Dance Championship 2011 held at Pekin Sutera Restaurant in Johor, Malaysia, last April 30.

Kertesz “Kurt” Leon C. Navasero, 14 and a third year student of Malayan High School of Science (MHSS), paired with 12-year-old German Anna Klausen to represent the Philippines and danced in three of the categories of the competition. Despite a short period of preparation, the pair had stellar performances and won the gold in the Standard Junior Under-16 and Standard Novice categories.

The duo impressed the event’s panel of 28 adjudicators, which was headed by World Dance Council examiner Aleena Tan, who was also the organizer of the event. Together with the rest of competitors, they danced the salsa, rumba, jive, cha cha, foxtrot, quick step, and tango.
Navasero got entry into the competition, as he is a student at one of the dance schools that participated in the event, which selected him for his remarkable talent.

MHSS principal Dr. Efren Mateo takes great pride in this pleasant surprise by one of his students.

“We were surprised when we learned that our student Kertesz Navasero participated and won in the international dance competition. We did not know that this shy student possesses exceptional dancing skills. We, the entire Malayan High School of Science, congratulate him on his great achievement. Indeed, students that are as talented as Kurt are not only the pride of our school but of our country as well.”

MHSS supports the holistic growth of its students, not only nurturing them to become the brilliant minds that will significantly contribute to the advancement of science but also encouraging their talents to help preserve and promote Filipino culture and the arts. This is the principle behind its curricula’s design, which helps develop students’ artistic potentials.

“Ballroom dancing and other performing arts are part of our Physical Education (PE) curriculum, so the skills of our students in these areas are enhanced. We also harness the students’ competitive spirit by responding to invitations to several competitions in the field. Our PE teachers provide good training to the students for the contests. In addition, we also let students with exemplary skills perform during school programs and convocations,” explained Dr. Mateo.