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Malayan Science education: Empowering today’s youth for the future

Monday, August 17, 2020

A leading science high school in the capital region, Malayan High School of Science, puts a premium in its education. Reflecting the brand of excellence of its mother school Mapúa University, it continuously sharpens its cutting edge in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) training with unique offerings on Research, Robotics and Technology, Coding, and Multimedia and Arts, on top of the prescribed curriculum of the Department of Education. Delivered both traditionally and digitally using powerful educational technologies, Malayan Science’s academics go beyond the normal teaching and learning to expose its students to more advanced disciplines, molding them to become competent and college-ready individuals.

Limitless potential with digital learning

Pioneering digital education in junior high school for five years now, Malayan Science has been employing new educational technologies in teaching its students. It utilizes Cardinal EDGE, a learning management system powered by its mother school Mapúa University, and nearly 30 applications across eight subject areas for lectures, laboratory, research, and other academic activities. With Malayan Science’s digital education, students are equipped with limitless potential.

Exceeding through its topnotch education

Malayan Science is among the few schools in the country with extensive Robotics and Technology subjects. Its advanced curricula in the field is strengthened by industry partnership, which gives its robotics expertise an added edge. Malayan Science partners with First Eduspec Inc., a multinational company that offers innovative and technology-based educational solutions and services to top global educational institutions for robotics. Malayan Science’s robotics program has long been a pillar of its education with student products awarded in various local and international competitions.

Malayan Science is also the first junior high school in the Philippines to integrate an advanced coding program in its school curriculum. The program was built in partnership with Mapúa University and its School of Information and Technology (SOIT). Its syllabus is aligned with SOIT’s coding program and is offered as an elective subject to Malayan Science’s students from Grades 7 to 10.

Empowering student imagination

At Malayan Science, students also engage in various research-related activities. The institutions science-based curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities cater to the needs of students for knowledge enhancement and generation. There are also avenues on and off the campus where they can practice and improve their skills, such as science and tech summer camps and competitions on building innovation in other universities, which the school holds and participates in yearly. By offering such opportunities, the school empowers its students and challenges them to not only be knowledge consumers but also knowledge generators.

A place where creativity and talent can flourish

Malayan Science also acknowledges the different talents that its students possess. It provides trainings and events where they can be enhanced and showcased. It offers subjects on Multimedia and Arts, providing students with photography, animation, digital design, 3D modeling, and filmmaking lectures hosted by professionals in the field.

Malayan Science students also excel very well in sports such as basketball, archery, swimming, and gymnastics. Its student athletes train with specialized coaches and instructors who help them improve and master their skills leading to their regional and national competitions. Through these extracurricular activities, they learn persistence, commitment, and teamwork which are values also essential for their future.

A safe space for growth

Malayan Science makes sure that its students are protected from common ailments and other medical emergencies by securing a well-staffed campus Health and Wellness Center composed of a physician, a dentist, and a nurse. While the center caters to first-aid treatments, the school provides referral to its accredited hospital, the Medical Center Manila, for major health emergency cases.

Malayan Science also enables its students to grow in a safe and nurturing space through its Safe School Policy. Through this Policy, the school maintains a bullying-free on-campus environment that is conducive to optimal learning.

Students are also taught basic life support and undergo periodic safety drills, preparing them for emergency situations. At Malayan Science, students learn how to save and protect a life.

Imparting values

Malayan Science couples academic training with the instilling of its core values—discipline, excellence, commitment, integrity, and responsibility—in its students. Serving as the school’s statements of commitment, these values help not only in equipping students with strong academic foundation but also in developing their keen sense of awareness and concern for social, global, and environmental issues. Furthermore, knowing these core values by heart and applying them in their lives will help students achieve their goal of becoming well-rounded and globally competitive individuals.